Congratulations Academic Scholars
Congratulations Academic Scholars
Posted on 03/14/2017
UAIS students being honored by BoardUtica Community Schools is pleased to recognize the Academic Scholars at the Utica Academy for International Studies. As members of the UAIS, they have elected one of the most rigorous programs of study that is available to students across the world.

In their pursuit of an International Baccalaureate Diploma, the students have engaged in very intensive study through specific course work such as Theory of Knowledge and completing an Extended Essay.

In addition to their commitment to academic excellence, these students have participated in many curricular and extracurricular activities, including academic honor societies, Olympiad teams, athletics, student council, Key Club, HOSA, and world language clubs.

These students also have participated in legislative debate, Quiz Bowl, drama and forensics. Further, the students have completed a required 150 hours of Creativity, Action and Service to meet the IB requirements. All of these superb students plan to continue their education in the fall at the university level, and we wish them great success and happiness in the future.

UAIS Academic Scholars
Mackenzie Barch
Ashley Beatty
Brandon Benard
Matthew Benard
Paige Benard
Joshua Bentley
Cara Berg
Carmella Boykin
Victoria Branch
Ashley Brys
Kassandra Christodolu
Mackenzie Connell
Giuliana Cusumano
Jonathan Dang
Sam de Jesus
Damaris Derecichei
Candy Patricia Dialogo
Shirly ElFishawy
Jakob Emrich
Aber John Espinoza
Kaelyn Fife
Ziyaneh Ghaderpour
Taleghani Ina
Gjoka Jessica Gougeon
Elisa Greige
Allison Griffiths
Gavin Gudobba
Bradley Hall
Daniel Harrison
Shaheer Hasan
Corinne Herrmann
Jessica Hone
Jeffrey Horbatiuk
Benjamin Hume
Sahil Jha
Allyson John
Kelsie Johnston
Sarandeep Kaur
Nikhita Khosa
 Katie Kirkum
Thea-Kassandra Kirsch-Mangu
Katerina Kitsios
Megan Kujawa
Lisette LeMerise
Joana Lepuri
Sophia Lorenzetti
Zuzanna Lutrzykowska
Persida Macinic
Julia Malewicz
Rithin Manimaleth
Brigitte Manquen
Mirna Mika
Tori Motloch
Anthony Neubacher
Joshua Pack
Hannah Paul
Pietro Pellerito
Kelly Penzin
Sydney Quagliato
Mikayla Rzeppa
Matthew Schepke
Martin Smoger
Adam Smolinski
Patrycja Sobierajska
Felicia Soderberg
Leah Stampfer
Roksolana Sudyk
Collin Syler
Kevin Tactac
Pragya Thakur
Ava Thielman
Febin Thomas
Annette Varga
Alexander Verbrugge
Heather Wagner
Emily Wrobel
Jennifer Yoo