UCS senior earns perfect SAT score
UCS senior earns perfect SAT score
Posted on 05/13/2021
Alexander Hughes - Senior Portrait

Alexander Hughes is someone who has always set his expectations high.

If you are going to go into elected office, go for the highest position in the country.

If you want to go to your dream college and need a strong SAT score, try to get the highest result possible.

Alex has already succeeded in the latter goal, earning a perfect score and placing himself among less than one percent of student test takers nationally.

“When I saw the results, it was really a combination of excitement and relief,” the Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies senior said. “Excitement about how high the score was and relief that it would allow me to get into the college of my dreams.”

That dream college is Harvard University, where he will begin next Fall on his way to a career in politics.

Hughes will begin that next chapter after attending Utica Community Schools since first grade. He said the unique experiences he had in his UCS schools – Morgan and Messmore Elementaries, Davis Junior High School and GLK-UAIS.

“I’m very glad I’ve been a UCS student and have benefited from the opportunities here. I know a lot of areas don’t provide these programs or that level of individual attention,” he said. “My teachers, without exception, have been incredibly dedicated and helpful.”

Hughes said he took the SAT twice – within two weeks of each other.   It was the first test which resulted in the perfect score of 1600.

For those about to take the college entrance exam, Hughes said he has three pieces of advice:

  • Take advantage of practice tests. “There is nothing really better than looking at questions that are written in the same style because they do try to trip you up with the wording.”
  • Be analytical about your time use. If you understand a concept, move on to the next one where you may need additional reinforcement.
  • Understand that sometimes luck also plays a role. “Don’t be afraid to take the test multiple times.”
With his K-12 career and the perfect SAT score just about behind him, Hughes is now setting his high expectations into politics – where he has his sights on the highest office in the land.

“I like to joke that a lot of kids think they want to be president one day," Hughes said. "I guess that is a phase that I never grew out of it.”

It is an expectation grounded in his study of Abraham Lincoln, and a dedication to service that comes from his faith and his family.

“You have to dedicate yourself to serving the people around you one way or another,” he said.  “Politics just seemed like a good outlet for me to do that.”