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GLK-UAIS Prospective Students

June 2022 Freshman Roundup:  Presentation

GLK-UAIS Extravaganza Night 2022 PowerPoint Presentation

GLK-UAIS Curriculum/Subject Briefs

If you are interested in learning more about our students and their successes, please click on the following link to access our GLK-UAIS College Profile.


Information regarding eligibility for prospective students wishing to apply to GLK-UAIS can be found at the district website under the Board of Education link or by clicking here.  Additionally, potential School of Choice applicants can find more information about registering as students with Utica Community Schools by visiting the district website and clicking on "New Students" or contacting UCS Student Services Department at 586-797-1120.

General information on the all of the district’s specialty programs can be found at:

Algebra I Requirement
Students who enter GLK-UAIS must complete both semesters of Algebra I prior to starting 9th grade.  If a student is neither currently enrolled in Algebra I in the 8th grade, nor has completed the course prior to 8th grade, arrangements must be made for the student to complete Algebra I before matriculating to GLK-UAIS. For information on how students currently in Math 8 should complete this requirement, please contact your home school counselor.

Application Process for GLK-UAIS

Application to GLK-UAIS consists of two parts:

1. The application - Applications are not yet available for the GLK-UAIS Class of 2026.  For application information from last school year, please go to this link.

2. Entrance Testing (specific info for the Class of 2026 will be shared as it becomes available). 

There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply.  Supplemental materials (letters of recommendation, student work, etc.) cannot be submitted as part of the application process.  Prospective students and their parents may only provide information required on the application.

All prospective students and parents are strongly encouraged to attend the UCS Pathways to Success even and GLK-UAIS Information Night to learn more about the Academy.  GLK-UAIS has one hundred ten (110) seats for students applying during their 8th grade year.  Eligible students who are interested in applying must submit a complete application to Pupil Services and participate in entrance testing at GLK-UAIS.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
For more information about our program, please click on the FAQs link under the "About Us" tab or visit the page by clicking here

Entrance Testing
Applicants will sit for Writing and Socratic Elements during GLK-UAIS entrance testing.  Students will also take a PSAT 8/9-style exam for the Math portion.  This will be taken at whichever secondary specialty program is listed as their #1 choice preference.

Six Traits Writing Rubric (2020).pdf

Socratic Circle Rubric (2020).pdf

PSAT Math Overview link

GLK-UAIS Entrance Exam Results Guidelines
The following rules and guidelines are in place regarding our entrance testing:

1. We do not give access to assessments (including review, student scores, or cut scores)
2. Students may not retest for acceptance
3. We will not make individual meetings to discuss testing successes/failures
4. We will not provide student scores
5. We will disclose location on waiting lists

GLK-UAIS Transfer Policy
UCS students cannot transfer to GLK-UAIS in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades.  Students may be granted the opportunity to transfer to GLK-UAIS provided that they matriculate from a comparable IBO World School, space is available, and we can provide a schedule that meets program requirements for our students.  For more information about transferring from another IBO World School, please contact our IB Diploma Coordinator, Christopher Layson, at [email protected].

GLK-UAIS Program Policies

The following GLK-UAIS policies comprise the foundation upon which we at the Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies (GLK-UAIS) make choices in our daily lives.  All members of our community are expected to live up to the highest standards of behavior in the area of personal integrity, respect for others as outlined below.  Below are four integral specialty program policies that serve GLK-UAIS and its students:

GLK-UAIS Academic Honesty Policy

GLK-UAIS Assessment Policy

GLK-UAIS Language Policy

GLK-UAIS Special Education Policy
GLK-UAIS Access and Admission Policy