Vocal Music

Vocal Music Overview

The IB Music course will focus on the study of all major style periods of Western music and a survey of non-Western world music. The purpose of this course is to promote curiosity in, and sensitivity to, the musical world which surrounds us. The alert mind trained in the disciplined study of music will appreciate the ways in which music integrates and manifests knowledge on multiple levels. The study of music allows for exploration of the shared human perceptions and emotions which temper our lives. 

The aims of this music course will be to give students the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of music throughout the world, encourage students to develop perceptual skills through a breadth of musical experiences, where they will learn to recognize, speculate, analyze, identify, discriminate and hypothesize in relation to music, enable students to develop creatively their knowledge, abilities and understanding through performance and composition, and assist students to develop their musical potential. Objectives are that candidates who have completed the course will be expected to demonstrate the use of appropriate musical language and terminology to describe and reflect their critical understanding of music, development of perceptual skills in response to music, and knowledge and understanding of music in relation to time and place. In addition, candidates following the option indicated, Solo Performance (SLS), Group Performance (SLG) or Composition (SLC), will be expected to demonstrate: development of their performance skills through solo (SLS) or ensemble (SLG) music making or development of their compositional skills through exploration and investigation of musical elements (SLC). HL Music candidates will be expected to demonstrate both the development of their performance skills through solo music making and development of their compositional skills through exploration and investigation of musical elements.

Inclusion of internationalism is at the very core of the IB Music course. All candidates must complete the musical perception and analysis portion of the course which includes the study of musical styles from different parts of the world and within historical and cultural contexts. Students must also carry out an independent musical investigation into the relationship between two identifiable and distinct musical genres from two different regions of the world. This presents the student with an opportunity to pursue music from cultures which are distant from the student's own time and/or culture.

The process for running the course will be based on several things including: listening lessons, lecturing, student research projects, compositions, computer-based study, Socratic dialogue, instrument demonstration, and student performance. Assessment will be done in three ways: external, internal, and school-based. Students take performance level courses in the 9th – 12th grades in vocal and instrumental music. Students pursuing IB Music as one of their six examinations will take an additional IB Music class during the 11th and 12th grade years instead of their elective.